by Carol Wolfe

Times have changed and so has business.  Like any other business the real estate business has evolved with growing technology.  It’s important to have a real estate agent who has also kept up with the technological advances.  But how do you know if your realtor is technologically savvy? Simply ask them if they are e-PRO certified!

e-PRO is a distinction reserved for realtors who have completed a specific course designed for real estate professionals and endorsed by the National Association of Realtors.  The course is tailored specifically for realtors to keep them abreast of the technological tools and advancements available to realtors.

Working with an e-PRO offers significant benefits for a home buyer or seller:


An e-PRO certified internet professional is adept at keeping your information safe from internet piracy.  They respect your privacy and have the tools to keep your valuable information safe.


A trained e-PRO can provide you instantly with extensive data on neighborhoods, property listings, up to the minute market updates, referral networks, on-line home tours, and faxes by email.  All of this information is available to you as a client, on demand both in the office and on location.

Cost Effectiveness
An e-PRO can maximize your home’s internet presence to effectively market your home in less time, using less paper, and less travel.  With on-line tours clients can effectively tour a home from another city or country saving valuable time and resources to narrow their search.

Working with an e-PRO is the best way to ensure that your real estate transaction is smooth, efficient and effective. I am Carol Wolfe a registered e-PRO realtor.  Nobody does it better.


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