Encino Community Center

Living in Encino is more than just the city you write down on your return address. It is a community that prides itself on providing its residents a standard of living of which they can be proud. It is not just the shopping centers and material conveniences that are abundant (although they are nice too!); it is the sense that you are part of something bigger. That sense comes through clear as day at the Encino Community Center.
The Encino Community Center offers numerous activities for people looking to connect with others or to reconnect with a long lost passion. encinorcSelf-help meetings are held daily if you are in need of some extra support. There is the Encino Parent Co-op Nursery and various clubs like the Audubon Society, Valley Artist Guild, the Women’s Club and Camera Club just to name a few. Seasonal classes are also offered for a nominal fee for people of all ages. Check www.laparks.org/dos/ereg/facility/encino.htm#camps for schedules.
There are also numerous outdoor activities like tennis, basketball, a state-of-the-art children’s play area, and the latest addition, a Tricycle/Wheelchair Track. This track enables youngsters of all abilities to test their skills while parents watch from brand-new shaded benches. Barbecues and picnic tables make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon outdoors with family and friends.
Come on down, meet some neighbors, and enjoy a community that thrives on the people who call it home. If you don’t currently call Encino home, I am not only a resident, but an expert in the area and I would love to help you find your next home. My name is Carol Wolfe and nobody does it better.


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