The Gaynor Property

As an architectural specialist, I am privileged to work with some of the most inspiring and innovative homes this side of the Rockies, but it has also given me the gift of seeing a home’s potential. Frequently I 1224543354will list home with great potential with a great price and it will sell almost immediately.
One of the realities of the current market is a good deal won’t stay on the market long.

The Gaynor home was exactly that kind of property, 2 bedrooms, 1.75 bath traditional with 1,571 square feet of space, located on a huge lot (nearly 10,000 square feet), with an impressive oak standing sentry in front. It featured beamed ceilings and brick fireplaces in the living room and den and endless possibilities for expansion. With a great location close to Ventura Boulevard in the Hesby school district, this home offered tremendous value.
I listed the home and it had almost immediate offers and has already closed escrow.  It is so important for potential buyers to realize that properties with great prices move quickly in this market.  There is no time or room for hesitation.  This fabulous home was “snatched up” before the other buyers had a chance to think it over.  If you are interested in great properties at great prices, give me a call. My name is Carol Wolfe, and nobody does it better.


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