35th Annual Festival of the Kite

At some point we have all wanted to say to someone, “Go fly a kite!”  On the 8th of March, Redondokite1 Beach will play host to an annual festival that is all about flying a kite.

The Festival of the Kite will begin at noon and will feature kite and yo-yo contests, martial art demonstrations, live music and tons of prizes!

Located at Fisherman’s Wharf this free event promises fun for family kitemembers age 6 and up.  There is even a hot dog on a stick eating contest with a $200 first prize.  Redondo Beach on a Sunday afternoon in March is a recipe for temperate breezes and ample kite flying opportunities.  Just think, from now until the eighth of March we can feel free to tell the people around us to go fly a kite!


Pedlow Skate Park

One way to judge a community is by the commitment they demonstrate to their youth.  pedlow-street-bowlOne of the many reasons I am so proud to call Encino home is their outstanding achievement in this area. One very popular attraction is Pedlow Skate Park.  Located at 17334 Victory Blvd., this park is a parent’s answer to the recession. For only $1 anyone under the age of 18 can buy a month pass to use the facility. It is required that all skaters wear a helmet, knee pads and wrist pads, failure to do so will lead to a citation so make sure your kids are appropriately outfitted.

The park is open weekdays from noon to sunset and on the weekends from 10am to sunset.  Pedlow features a concrete area and handrails as well as a “funbox” and an “inland ground waterfall”.  Please don’t ask me what those are, I have no idea, but I do know kid’s eyes light up at their mention.

Pedlow Skate Park is suitable for rollerblades and skateboards.  Classes are also offered for those looking to perfect their skill level.

Encino truly has something for everyone.  I’m Carol Wolfe, nobody does it better!

Why Now is an Excellent Time to Buy Your Dream Home

Times are tough for many people.  Job losses are at their highest since the end of WWII, retailers are going out of business left and right, and the average American family is lucky if they can afford health insurance. But for those of you who are fortunate enough to remain relatively unscathed, now is one of the best times in decades to purchase a home.

time-to-buy-02-03First of all, thanks to the FED ‘s attempts at stimulating the economy, interest rates have been on a steady decline. While lenders have definitely tightened their guidelines, for those with good credit, it’s not unheard of to lock in a 30-year fixed rate in the 5 percent range. The cost of borrowing money right now is better than ever, and an excellent time to upgrade. 

Second, because there has been such a slowdown in home purchases coupled, with the unfortunate rise in foreclosures, there is an abundance of inventory. Home values have come way down in some areas and many people are relieved to be able to jut sell their home, regardless of profit. For buyers in the market right now, this means there are lots of deals to be discovered.

If you have been tossing around the idea of a new home, but are still unsure of the timing, I have been in the business for more than 30 years and have the experience to help you make your decision. My name is Carol Wolfe and nobody does it better.