Without a Home for the Holidays

On this blog, I typically discuss the beautiful homes I offer for sale, or about what a great place Encino is to live. But today I would like to talk about the multitude of people who have recently lost their homes in the devastating fires that ravaged California last month. 
There are so many families in need this year due to economic conditions, but no one more than those who lost not only their firehomes, but their lives’ possessions. People were literally awoken from sleep to find a police officer standing over their bed, telling them to evacuate immediately, leaving everything but loved ones behind.
For all of you who find yourself reading this, look into your heart and rediscover the meaning of the holidays that we try to impart to our children. Find a way to spread the best part of that spirit, and share with those less fortunate. Whether it is by donating much needed material items, money, or your time, the people in our community need our help.
While some may be without a home, as California residents, they are not without a very extended family, a family who helps each other in time of need. Visit www.californiavolunteers.org for detailed information about volunteer opportunities, drop-off sites, and organizations that are working hard to ensure that the people of California never go without.
My name is Carol Wolfe, and thank you.