Hesby Oaks Elementary

by Carol Wolfe

Our next featured school is Hesby Oaks Elementary School.  This remarkable school’s rank is nine out of a possible 10 in the Great Schools List in Encino California.  With a parent approval rating of 4 stars this school is definite luminary. 

Hesby Oaks Elementary offers instruction, grades K -8, to a total of over three hundred students.  The teacher student ratio averages 1:23. One of the newest schools in the area, Hesby Oaks Elementary opened its doors in September of 2006.   It is located at 15530 Hesby Street in Encino.  Judy Mintz is the Principal at the helm of this beautiful school.
Parent comments praise the safety and discipline at the school, rating them above average.  The school offers an E-3 after school program for children of working parents; the program is a favorite among both parents and students.  High ranks in participation from teachers, parents and students make this a top performing school.


Lanai Road Elementary

by Carol Wolfe

While all of the schools in Encino are superlative there are some that are particular stand outs.  One is Lanai Road Elementary; which boasts a 10 out of 10 rating for Great Schools in Encino.  This school has a coveted 4 star parent rating on great schools.net, and has the highest test ranking in the area.    

High Ranks for Teacher performance and students scores make this a top rated school.  For all of these reasons Lanai Road Elementary is an extremely popular school.  Enrollment in this school can only be guaranteed to children who reside within its home school boundaries.

Lanai Road Elementary is located at 4241 Lanai Road. Principal Mary Melvin is very popular, her parent review is 5 stars out of a possible 5.  The school features excellent programs ranging from music instruction, arts, book clubs as well as many others.  Parents are very vocal in stating that money can’t buy better education than at Lanai!

Encino Elementary

by Carol Wolfe

For most of us this time of year is full of excitement and preparation for “Back to School!”   School is such an important part of our children’s lives and by extension our own lives.  When you have school age children knowing about school districts and individual schools can be as important in the home buying process as the number of bedrooms a house has.  For that reason I’d like to highlight some of the individual schools in our area. 

Encino has a lot to be proud of and our schools are certainly one of our shinning achievements.  Today I would like to focus on Encino Elementary School.

Encino Elementary School is located at 16941 Addison Street.  This lovely K-5 school has a three star parent rating on www.greatschools.net.  The teacher to student ratio averages at an amazing 1:15, and the school is known for its high parent involvement. 

Encino Elementary also ranks high in staff for special needs curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Encino Elementary is a LAUSD school and is ranked third in the area for test scores. For more information on Encino Elementary visit their website at www.encinoelementary.net