Encino Elementary

by Carol Wolfe

For most of us this time of year is full of excitement and preparation for “Back to School!”   School is such an important part of our children’s lives and by extension our own lives.  When you have school age children knowing about school districts and individual schools can be as important in the home buying process as the number of bedrooms a house has.  For that reason I’d like to highlight some of the individual schools in our area. 

Encino has a lot to be proud of and our schools are certainly one of our shinning achievements.  Today I would like to focus on Encino Elementary School.

Encino Elementary School is located at 16941 Addison Street.  This lovely K-5 school has a three star parent rating on www.greatschools.net.  The teacher to student ratio averages at an amazing 1:15, and the school is known for its high parent involvement. 

Encino Elementary also ranks high in staff for special needs curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Encino Elementary is a LAUSD school and is ranked third in the area for test scores. For more information on Encino Elementary visit their website at www.encinoelementary.net


Nobody Does It Better

by Carol Wolfe

A long time ago I learned that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  While I am sure that some people might laugh at the idea, I find that my clients prize my work ethic and my attention to detail.

Buying or selling a home is such an important time in anyone’s life.  You’re full of hopes, anxieties, expectations and plans.  Working with the right professional can make this time special, not stressful.

When people talk about the current market in negative terms I am always a little amazed.  This last year has been a record year for me in a distinguished and long real estate career.  The truth of the matter is that in economic upswing periods, almost anyone can sell a home.  In other markets, like the current one, you need a seasoned professional.  My name is Carol Wolfe and I am that seasoned professional.  If you want to sell your home, if you want to buy a home, treat yourself to my real estate services.  Nobody does it better.