Fall In Encino

By Carol Wolfe

I love this time of year.  There is still the warmth of summer but there is also a new breeze this time of year that picks up in the late afternoon. It whispers of the more moderate temperatures that will last all winter long.  For me this time of year is about home.  The kids are back in school, the holidays are still far enough away that it is time to just concentrate on home.

Home should be a place that welcomes and soothes.  For many right now home is a source of stress.  For some it is a result of an impending interest adjustment that is causing stress, for others it is a lack of space to accommodate a growing family.  What ever the reason, it is never a good idea to experience stress because of your home.  And now is a great time to be home shopping.  If you would like to reduce your stress and be in the perfect living situation, give me a call.  I’m Carol Wolfe and nobody does it better.


Encino ~ Gracious Living

by Carol Wolfe

Encino is a beautiful place to live. Even its name represents its picturesque beauty.  Encino was named after the Rancho Los Encinos, literally translated as the Ranch of the Evergreens.  This was the name for the area which was given to the Gabielino Indians by the Spanish government after they left the California Missions in the early 1800s.  Established in 1845, Rancho Encino was a hub of activity.  Its rich water sources and springs made it a desirable place to live.  In the late 1800’s the Encino Roadhouse was built and Encino became an important mail stop between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In the early nineteen hundreds the community of Encino began to grow and diversify.  Today Encino continues to be hub of activity; it remains rich with green foliage and excellent water sources.  The main aquifer for Los Angeles runs deep below the surface of Encino.  Thoroughly modern our fair city has stayed true to its name and remained ever green.  If you are interested in relocating to the Los Angeles area, let me show you what Encino has to offer.  I’m Carol Wolfe and nobody does it better.


by Carol Wolfe

Times have changed and so has business.  Like any other business the real estate business has evolved with growing technology.  It’s important to have a real estate agent who has also kept up with the technological advances.  But how do you know if your realtor is technologically savvy? Simply ask them if they are e-PRO certified!

e-PRO is a distinction reserved for realtors who have completed a specific course designed for real estate professionals and endorsed by the National Association of Realtors.  The course is tailored specifically for realtors to keep them abreast of the technological tools and advancements available to realtors.

Working with an e-PRO offers significant benefits for a home buyer or seller:


An e-PRO certified internet professional is adept at keeping your information safe from internet piracy.  They respect your privacy and have the tools to keep your valuable information safe.


A trained e-PRO can provide you instantly with extensive data on neighborhoods, property listings, up to the minute market updates, referral networks, on-line home tours, and faxes by email.  All of this information is available to you as a client, on demand both in the office and on location.

Cost Effectiveness
An e-PRO can maximize your home’s internet presence to effectively market your home in less time, using less paper, and less travel.  With on-line tours clients can effectively tour a home from another city or country saving valuable time and resources to narrow their search.

Working with an e-PRO is the best way to ensure that your real estate transaction is smooth, efficient and effective. I am Carol Wolfe a registered e-PRO realtor.  Nobody does it better.

What is a Certified Residential Specialist?

by Carol Wolfe

When it’s time to hire an expert we look for certain credentials to verify a level of expertise.  For a professor it might be a PhD, for a surgeon it would be board certification.  In real estate the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) is the highest designation awarded to sales associates in the residential sales field. The CRS distinction is bestowed on professional realtors to acknowledge accomplishments in both experience and education.

In 1977 the Council of Residential Specialists began conferring the prestigious CRS Designation; agents who receive this designation must meet specific stringent requirements.
Agents who take CRS training receive in-depth knowledge about marketing, negotiating, business planning, creating smooth closing transactions and satisfying clients needs whether they are buyers or sellers.

When looking for a professional to assist you in buying or selling your home, make sure to give yourself the best possible experience, choose a realtor who is a Certified Residential Specialist. 

I’m Carol Wolfe a Certified Residential Specialist. Nobody Does it Better!